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Bunbury Mediaworx specialise in creating world class websites, Online shops, Webstores and premium shopping carts that rank high on Google.

We develop world class websites which can be integrated with our Online shops and Premium shopping carts to form Webstores.

Alice in Webland online shops, (also located in Bunbury) plus our flagship premium fashion experience, Fashion Cart, gives the ultimate shopping experience including 'shop assistant' live chat, feedback forms and a host of other features designed to engage buyers. NEW! - Single page websites..

Bunbury Web Designers

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Social media is now fast becoming Social business! Get our FREE book on Social media and its effects on business 'Digitise or Perish!' was the message at the Sydney Online Retailers and E-commerce Expo.. read more

Website Prices

The cost of a website really depends on what and how much you want to do.. Do you need a large corporate site? Do you need video included? Do you need to be found on Page 1 of Goggle? All these have a bearing on cost. Below, are some examples of what we do.

Single page website imageOne Page Websites.
Sometimes you don't need a lot of info or to be found on Page 1 of Google, yet you still want a professional website that presents your business or service in the best possible light. Our "One Page Delights" may be just what you are looking for! They cost just $845 and that includes 4 rotating header photos, Google maps and contact info. You can see an example of one of our 'One Pagers' here

Budget range website imageOur Budget Range. This is our 'Clean and Friendly' range of websites. They usually contain 5 pages and are great for those who don't have a lot of info and target their local community and 'local search' where people are just looking for someone or something in their local area.. 'dietitians in Bunbury' for example. These websites usually only take us a week or less to complete and start around $1100. You can see an example of our 'Clean and Friendly' websites HERE

Business Websites. These are comprehensive websites, usually over 10+ pages. They usually contain videos and are optimised to get on page 1 of all major search engines. There are over 200 (secret!) different factors that Google uses to determine where a website comes in relation to a search query and these change on a weekly basis! Our Business websites start around $3500 and can go up to $20,000+ for very complex websites. You can see an example of one of our business websites, HERE

High definition video imageHD Video production. We produce HD videos for YouTube, corporate presentations, Rock bands and even live Cooking shows! Video adds a strong connection to the viewing audience. We recommend that you consider video in your website. An example of a business promo video as part of a website, can be seen HERE.

Online Shops and Carts. Want to sell online? We also specialise in Online shopping and shopping carts. Not all carts are created equal! You can drop in to out office in the Bunbury CBD and test drive our live shopping cart! Upload, download, check out the Admin and ask questions.. We don't just create shopping carts, (which by the way VERY rarely ever rank high on Goggle!.. and 'Yes' we know why!) but we create Webstores, as we call them, which blend the website with the cart (and rank extremely high!) Here's an example of what we are talking about.

Online Retailer and E-commerce Expo - Sydney. We just flew into Sydney to hear some of the worlds best come together to present the latest in this massive growth industry. Aparat from the big names, we heard from 'everyday' small business owners about what they do to make successful sales online. The explosion of Social media means that engaging with customers is now a very necessary part of business. Facebook, Twitter & now Pinterest have changed the way we communicate with each other. How about standing in front of your laptop and trying on some clothes online!!

Alice in Webland. We specialise in Online Shops (That we call Webstores or Webshops) E-commerce and Online Retailing.. Ever year, we travel to Sydney to attend the Online Retailer & E-commerce Expo. You can drop into our shop (opposite Rivers in Bunbury CBD) and test drive out 'LIVE' shopping cart, check out the Admin, upload, download and ask questions. The dollar spend per person in business capture areas is shrinking every month, as more Australians realise that the world is now THEIR oyster! Checkout our 2 minute 'Alice' video and enter a 'hole' new world of retailing!

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*Disclaimer: Whilst no one can guarantee a first or second page result for high ranking search terms. ALL our sites to date have!
Including number 1 spots on Google Australia. One also getting the number 1 ranking spot on Yahoo7. Search engines often change the algorithms that determines website positions in their search results.. and whilst we cannot g'tee a first or second page ranking,
Our results to date, speak for themselves..

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