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Staff training, corporate branding, Website and YouTube videos Please checkout some of our websites YouTube is now the worlds 2nd largest search engine.. get your video on it!

Social media is now fast becoming Social business! Get our FREE book on Social media and its effects on business 'Digitise or Perish!' was the message at the Sydney Online Retailers and E-commerce Expo.. read more

Over a 100 years worth of video is uploaded on average to YouTube every 10 days! Consumers are in information overload, time poor and putting up the shutters. "Short version please" is the order of the day. "Go to the website!" used to mean to the consumer, "Good, I can check this and that out" - It is now starting to mean "Oh, I don't have to look through all that lot do I?"

It's a lot easier to press a button and watch a 2 minute video, than to trawl through a website to see if you have, or do, what I want

Todays generation wants entertainment, as much as they want information.. and combining these 2 ingredients will help greatly in getting your message across.

Mediaworx creates campaigns to help engage with people using different channels, from Facebook to Television and interactive media. From logo design, to booking airtime on TV, our 'one stop shop' handles all aspects of marketing and brand building. Please feel free to contact us.

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