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Bunbury web designers Mediaworx are about more than just websites!

We are a Multi media agency that can brand, market and help you build your online business

Sadly, most businesses seem to treat their website like a business card, when it could be SO much more. I say "How much money did your website make
last week?" - Your website is an extension, if not a complete separate entity to your bricks and mortar store and should either sell your products or services.
All our websites come with 25 years of coal face marketing built in. We are not just Geeks who code websites but Marketers who want your business to make money and succeed. NEW! - Single page websites..

Video production

Staff training, corporate branding, Website and YouTube videos Please checkout some of our websites YouTube is now the worlds 2nd largest search engine.. get your video on it!

Social media is now fast becoming Social business! Get our FREE book on Social media and its effects on business 'Digitise or Perish!' was the message at the Sydney Online Retailers and E-commerce Expo.. read more

Bunbury Retail

Hi! ~ Sorry if we are a bit direct and straight to the point but a website to us is about business.. YOUR business.. and just how to make it grow and make money, is one of the driving forces behind our creative web site designs.. A lot of people can design websites but few can optimise them to land in the top pages of the search engines, where potential customers can easily find them.. and even less can offer 24 years of coal face marketing experience built in!

STOP PRESS:~ We have just released our online shops with 'Shop Assistant' TM Unlike static websites, these new breed of online shops are designed to interact with potential customers and sell your products!

Imagine being able to connect with customers as they browse your site! Adding a personal touch to their shopping experience. One of the problems with websites, is they are basically 'information sites' where people are left to their own devices to decide if they want to buy or not. Imagine if you could connect with customers that are browsing your online store, much the same way as you would in your physical store! Imagine being able to 'sell' the product, or put your best deal forward as they browse your store - Well, now with our trademark 'Shop Assistant' - You can!

Have you noticed lately that the images in your mail catalogues are getting larger? Why is this? It's because they assist in 'selling' the product (it really is all about sales isn't it) The larger and more lifelike the image, the more the customer wants to 'grab it and buy it'- Well, with our trademark 'Supersize Me' - You can!

How would you like a shop where you don't have to buy any more product? It doesn't need to employ any staff! Your rent is less than a $1000 a year? ~ Yes.. a year! and the square metre floor space is unlimited! Plus, it is open 24/7 promoting your goods to not just your local customers but worldwide! ~ Checkout our new Online stores.

Being one of the crowd is not a part of our philosophy! Getting top Google or Yahoo7 rankings is imperative to getting people to view what you have on offer and ultimately, getting your phone ringing and sales happening! That's what our websites are all about.. sure, they may look good but what's the point of having a website if no-one finds it? Getting into the top rankings doesn't guarantee you will get more business BUT it DOES g'tee that people will find you and LOOK at your site and see what you have to offer! This is FREE, ongoing, 24/7 advertising.. Online skills training

Below are just some of our Page 1, Google Chart Toppers.


Yesterday, it was "botties on seats"
Today, it is "eyeballs on screens"

Branding your business:
Effective website design helps 'brand' your business as the 'place to go'. It enables people to easily find you and see what you have on offer.. and can greatly help generate customers for your business, with virtually NO ongoing advertising costs!

We let them speak for themselves. "Getting photos to you as soon as possible , along with blurbs about soaps etc. Thanks for being so helpful John. We are very happy to have found you - " Lyn McIntosh.. Maclyn Grove Olives.

RANZA Australia Wide hits the top spot! "Helebloodylujah.. that's super news. Well done John" was what greeted us when we opened our emails! RANZA are a local Rural advertising agency and hit the top spot for 'seeding jobs in west australia'

"We are extremely happy and are appreciative of your efforts to date ... Once again I appreciate your extended efforts and we are truly grateful of how flexible and understanding you have been with the creating of such a good product" - Scott Pover - Ormarc Engineering Bunbury.

Southern Car Care Bunbury commissioned us to get their website up and running. Within a couple of weeks, they are on page one for just about ALL their products!! You are welcome to give Craig a ring on 9791 4440 and ask him how he found us.

Mediaworkz hits the top spot! The Beauty Revival Clinic in Bunbury, WA, commissioned us to produce a quality website that would bring in business. The results were outstanding, often taking top 3 slots on Page 1, for just about any Bunbury beauty terms. Results: Sheree is getting all sorts of bookings from her Bunbury website. Beauty Revival Clinic (Comment from owner today from follow-up phone call: "The website's really taking off John, I'm even getting calls from Mandurah for gift vouchers!"

Mediaworkz hits the top spot! ..again. Nannup Hideaway Cottages just didn't appear anywhere for any of the popular search terms for their industry. We produced a new website and optimised it. With 2 weeks, they were at the number 1 slot for popular tourism search terms, even displacing the huge South West WA tourism website!! (Ongoing checking reveals 'Hideaway' goes to Numbers 1 and 2 spots on Page 1 on Yahoo7) UPDATE: We tried to book in for a few days ourselves (in the middle of Winter this is) but Chris wrote , "Hi Nancy and John... The dates are not available we have been so busy during the week. The weekends, we could fill up at least 6 cottages every weekend. It is keeping us busy. Have a look at some other dates" Regards, Chris. - When we first went there, you could fire a cannon up the main street, as they say.. What a difference a top spot in the search engines can make! WA Tourist website.

BUSSELTON WEBSITE DESIGNER: We know the South West of WA! Nina Biggs Photography has commissioned us to launch her in the south west of WA. We have created the design and are currently optimising it, so it appears in the top rankings for popular search terms for her industry, both on Google Aus and Yahoo7. UPDATE: Her website debuted today on Page 1, Positions 6 and 7 Google Aus for popular industry search terms! Busselton website.

PERTH REAL ESTATE WEBSITE: Mediaworkz hits the number 4 spot! Real estate in Perth is a hugely contested area, with Behomoths like Realestate.com.au and Domain, dominating the market. Despite that, our site came in at number 4 on Page 1 of Google for their area! An outstanding first time result.. UPDATE: We are currently at the number 3 AND 4 spot on Page 1. Perth Real Estate

PERTH HOMEBUYER WEBSITE: Mediaworkz hits the number 1.. and 2 spots! The popular search term for those looking for information about buying their first home in Perth would be 'first home information perth' Mediaworkz got the WA First Homebuyer Expo, the number 1 and 2 spots on Page 1 of Google! As a result, the site is receiving good email inquiries.

"Thankyou Mediaworkz for a great job!
For the past 18 months, I have toyed with the idea of setting up for my business but it all seemed very daunting..

Mediaworkz came to my rescue! John developed a website that looked professional and brought my business instant success. Within days of my business going online, I had calls from a host of new clients, from them booking in for treatments, to buying packages, gift vouchers and products.

Who would have thought it would happen so quick? With John's knowledge, he optimised search engines so my business came in at the number 1 spot! Literally putting my business on the map and best of all, within my budget.

I found John to be very professional, creative and easy to work with. Thanks again Mediaworkz, here's to further success"

Regards. Sheree Sims, Manager / Owner, Revival Beauty Clinic, Bunbury, 08 9792 5227

SWANTO CAR HIRE WEBSITE: New car hire firm has taken out 3.. Yes.. 3 spots on Page 1 for their major search term . Try it. ' car hire bunbury' It also gets a major listing from Google at the bottom of the page! Bunbury Car Hire website

Regardless of your type of business, we can usually get you into the top 3 pages of the search results for popular search terms.. Getting high rankings and 'eyeballs on screens' is no accident.. Google uses over 200 different factors to determine what order websites come back in.... we can create a new website for you, or optimise your existing website to get top rankings..

WHITEYS TACKLE WEBSITE: Whiteys tackle in Australind hits the number 2 spot! Give it a try if you want. The site is aimed at the fishing tackle and equipment in the Bunbury and southwest area.. Type in 'fishing rods bunbury ' and watch the results on Google Australia for yourselves.. Whiteys Tackle

WEST COAST DRIVE REAL ESTATE WEBSITE: West Coast drive real estate is one of the 'Get The Edge' real estate website group.. It is launching around mid June 2010.. We will keep you informed on its progress and rankings... Premium Properties

MACLYN GROVE OLIVES: Maclyn takes out top spots.. Here's what the owners sent us when they logged on (as is, unedited) Hi John, Yeay !!!!! we have hit the no 1 spot today. When you type in natural olive oil skin care , up comes us . .. Absolutely bloody wonderful !!!!!!!!! Couldn't be happier . you are amazing" Lyn Macintosh.

This took around 3 weeks from start to finish. We are now working on improving the results.. (yes, it can be done!) Maclyn Grove Website

HALCYON STEPPE IMPORTERS: We HIT the JACKPOT with this one!.. Halcyon commissioned us to create a website that would take their product into the top pages. With 10 days of launch, they landed on Page 1 in Google Aus search results for multiple search terms (normally you can optimise a site for 2 - 3 search terms max!) Update: Site just hit the Number 1 spot for many of their search terms on Yahoo7 as well.. Halcyon Steppe Website

TONY ASHBOLT HOSPITALITY: Another Page 1 success story!.. Tony needed a site to 'set him apart from the crowd' We think we achieved that and also got him on Page 1 on the major search engine results for his major search terms.. All this only took a couple of weeks as well.. Try searching for 'hospitality business makeovers' for example.. We also hit the jackpot for a top video search result as well as his website.. The search term ' hospitality business makeovers' got the top spot for video, plus spots 4 and 5 on Page one for the website! Tony Asbolt Hospitality Website

Google quote:- "We use more than 200 (secret) signals, including our patented PageRank algorithm, to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important"

Whilst no-one knows what the 200 different, ever evolving search criteria actually are... 'hey, we ain't doing too bad!'

Contact us for free, no hassle chat about how we can help your business. next.. Search engine results


*Disclaimer: Whilst no one can guarantee a first or second page result for high ranking search terms. ALL our sites to date have!
Including number 1 spots on Google Australia. One also getting the number 1 ranking spot on Yahoo7. Search engines often change the algorithms that determines website positions in their search results.. and whilst we cannot g'tee a first or second page ranking,
Our results to date, speak for themselves..

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