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Beautiful Single Page Websites!

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Sometimes you don't need a ton of stuff, or get to the top spot on Google..

Maybe you haven't got a lot of info but you just need a really nice creative design on a single page where you can get your message over and people can contact you easily..

We proudly present our new 'One Page Websites' @ only $845.. This includes a highly creative page with top quality graphics, rotating images, a Domain name and 12 months website hosting.. and we'll see what we can do about getting you found on the search engines for your local area.. (no promises!)

These may only be a single page but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice design or presentation!

These are ideal for say, Cafes, or restaurants with small menus, where you just want the locals and passers by to know you are around.

or.. you may just want to 'brand' your business with a simple but powerful statement..

Here's an example of what we are talking about..

To your success

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