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Sadly, a lot of Television commercials seem little more than a 5 picture slide show with a voice over.

No engagement..   no branding..   little impact..   Just 'another ad' lost in the crowd...

TV COMMERCIALS WEBSITE: A new website dedicated to TV Commercials and their production, can be found here at TV Commercial Production The website contains just about everything you need to know about the production of Television commercials in Australia.

5 SECOND COMMERCIALS: People are in information overload and time poor. We will be seeing the rise of both 5 second commercials and 15 second commercials, as advertisers strive to get peoples attention away from their Tablets back to the television screen! We produce 5 second commercials that 'make statements' rather than tell a story..

DUAL SCREENING: This now a MAJOR issue for TV advertisers: Some 74% of Aussies now admit to dual / triple screening. ie: Looking at their Tablets / Smartphones when the TV commercials come on. This has a major effect on an advertisers message, as 7 out of 10 are not looking at the TV screen when their commercial comes on! TV commercials need to adapt. They have been serving up the same format for over 60 years.. "This is what we do, or this is what we sell, and this is where we are"

The world has moved on and advertising needs to do the same. Consumers are also 'tuning out' and 'ad weary' as one person put it. TV commercials need to form part of the big picture and contribute to a businesses brand value, not a 'one off fishing trip to see if we can hook a prospect' We live in a 'connected world' and effective yv commercials need to be a part of it.

We create impacting adverts / commercials, that not only engage with viewers but fit into and enhance the branding of your business. All our commercials come complete with 25 years of coal face marketing.. and start from as little at $650 for a 30 second commercial.

Embedding video or media content into websites is gaining more and more traction, as people want to 'see' rather than figure it out from just a website..
When you want to stand out from the crowd, call us today for an obligation free chat about how we can help you get more sales and brand your business.

Bunbury Television Commercials by Mediaworx.

Mediaworx: 30 second Television Commercial. Lack of words can make people look up to check out what's happening It is designed to interrupt the normal voice over wallpaper sound and create high memory retention using black & white background with full colour promotional pics.

Chill out in Style: 30 second TV Commercial. The idea is a fast action packed / make people look up see what's happening video, designed to interrupt the normal voice over wallpaper sound and create a 'I want one' feeling.

Apartment 19 Silos: Bunbury 3 minute real estate advertisement. We created a 'lifestyle' ad, rather than the usual home 'walk through' style, aimed at the type of person who would be interested in buying the property. We also also created the video in the new slim-line 'Letterbox' / 'panorama' format.

Let's Cook It: 60 second TV Commercial for 'Let's Cook it" We built it upon the catch phrase 'absolutely fabulous' that is used at the end of each segment. The idea is to engage people in the humour / interaction between Darryl and Terri, plus again, designed to interrupt the normal voice over wallpaper sound, with a 'happy, catchy tune'

The Soccer Show. Showcasing our new 'HD Sports studio set' It is located in the Bunbury CBD.
Below is our 15 minute show about Soccer in South West WA.

TV commercials, videos and your website.. Embedding your TV commercial or video into your website and Facebook page can greatly assist in memory retention from your audience. Getting peoples attention in an age of 'information overload' is getting more and more challenging! Plus, once you have got it.. you have to keep it.. Consumers are getting flooded with adverts form just about every angle and 'tuning out' is becoming the easy option for a lot of people.

We create our commercials to be a part of an overall marketing strategy, rather than a stand alone event, contributing to your business branding. Many large companies are creating stand alone websites for their products, with rich media, commercials and video to engage with their followers, as well as their corporate websites.

iPhone and Tablets: More people are searching for information online using these, than PC's! - A smart phone or tablet is now a portable TV, where people can watch commercials and video right where they are.. and when they want it!

The late Steve Jobs created a great line with "a 1000 songs in your pocket" describing the iPod. A client said to me the other day "Well, you have a TV in your hand!" pointing to my iPhone!

You are more than welcome to drop into our Bunbury studio and have a chat about a Television commercial and how it can form part of your overall marketing strategy.


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