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Digital Studio

Sadly, a lot of TV ads seem to be just a 5 picture slide show with a voice over.. No impact, No branding.. just 'another ad'

Ads that impact

What are your ads doing?
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Maclyn Naturals

The client was looking for a more natural feel for their new website and engaged us to create a website that reflected their passion about olive oil and get them ranking extremely high on Google!

Top Google result

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Eaton Medical

Both Australind and Eaton Centres required websites that reflected their modern practices, plus rank very high on Google. Both websites currently hold top spots for their popular search terms.

Top Google spots

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VIP Wedding

Bunbury based VIP Wedding Cars website is designed to engage with 'Happy couples' who are looking for
'old fashioned service' with attentive Chauffeurs & Red carpet treatment.

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Websites We create world class websites!

Mediaworx in Bunbury, design world class websites that engage with customers and help brand and market your business.

People are in 'information overload' and creating short, engaging video and short stories is the way forward in website design.


marketing website marketing

Marketing, Branding and Advertising are 3 separate things that work together to build your business. It's how people perceive your products or service. It's the opinions they have & the trust & ability the brand has to deliver on promises made. What is your brand saying?


Google Page 1 website results

Ensuring your website arrives on page 1 of Google is vital to getting traffic and customers. Google uses over 200+ signals and various media to ascertain the relevance of your website to a search query. The days of just 'keywords / phrases' is long gone!


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TV Shows
We are currently producing 2 shows here in Bunbury. "Bunbury real estate news" due later this year & "The Event" due 2013.
TV Commercials
We design informative and creative commercials for television. We handle all aspects of the TV commercial from creation to TV network upload!
Corporate Video
We create corporate HD Videos for marketing and branding, plus everything from Staff training to Rock band videos.
Alice in Webland
This is our specialised online shop and premium shopping cart website. We incorporate the online shop into our websites to help sell..
We are a Bunbury based Multi media agency in our 6th year of service. We specialise in world class websites, TV shows, HD video commercials, Artwork, Online shops, Marketing, Logo design, Webstores
& shopping carts with Social Media integration. We develop high quality websites which can be integrated with our Online shops and Premium shopping carts to form powerful sales oriented Webstores.

YouTube: -YouTube is now the worlds second largest search engine. To give you an idea of how much video that is getting uploaded, the next 10 days worth of uploads alone to YouTube would take you 100 years to watch! - or around 60 hours of video upload every single minute.. We are getting lazy & time poor & it's easier to watch a short video that trawl through a website and figure out what you do / who you are..

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Alice in Webland online shops, plus our flagship premium fashion experience, Fashion Cart, gives the ultimate shopping experience including 'shop assistant' live chat, feedback forms and a host of other features designed to engage buyers.

Australia is going mobile! - Are you?
Mobile Website Designers: The take-up rate for 'Smart phones' as they are called, is estimated to be around 80% by next year as phone contracts expire. More and more people are accessing information and emails 'on the move' PC sales are dropping, as Tablets, iPads and Smart phones take their place. Getting a mobile website to deliver basic information to those who are searching, is now as important as a standard PC (large screen) standard website.

Google recorded more searches from mobile devices this year than it did from PC's!
3 years ago, one of our accommodation websites recorded around 17% of their searches coming from mobile devices. This year, the same site recorded just under 50%

Bunbury Mediaworx specialise in creating world class websites, Online shops, Webstores & premium shopping carts.

Staff training, corporate branding, Website and YouTube videos Please checkout some of our websites YouTube is now the worlds 2nd largest search engine.. get your video on it!

Social media is now fast becoming Social business! Get our FREE book on Social media and its effects on business 'Digitise or Perish!' was the message at the Sydney Online Retailers and E-commerce Expo.. read more

Bunbury Web Designers

Bunbury Website Designers: Getting your website on page 1 of the search engine results, is paramount if you want to be found by a majority of lookers.

Website Design should be about functionally for the user, reaching customers and making money!

We are Website Designers and Website Marketers.

Bunbury Mediaworx specialises in premium quality websites that not only look great and project a professional image but also websites that rank very highly in the Google search results. Helping you make money from your website is our priority! Every website we build has over 25 years of coal face marketing built in! Our thoughts when wee are talking to you is about how we can help you get more customers? how can we help your business to better success? Once we have ascertained what your aspirations and goal are, we then look at the website structure

We have been operating businesses in Bunbury, for the past 25 years. This has given us a great insight into the habits of Bunbury shoppers. There are now a lot of Perth businesses open in Bunbury and competition for the consumer dollar is growing everyday, both from new Bunbury retailers and especially online shops. The latter is growing massively!

FACT: Bunbury customers are getting stolen by retailers outside of the local capture area, be it over East or over seas!

More and more Bunbury people are buying products over the Internet, whether it is from Ebay stores or direct from business websites. (Facebook is about to open commerce stores) Many thousands of dollars are being removed from the reach of traditional bricks and mortar businesses and the bad news is, it will only get worse! We talk about a 'global economy' but the truth is, we tend to think it won't effect us here in Bunbury. That couldn't be more wrong.. The problem is, is that the decay is subtle.. a few dollars less this week, then a few more a couple of weeks later, to some extent mask the problem.. People are spending more and more money each week outside of the City of Bunbury, as the world opens up to them! Instead of jumping on a aeroplane, I can now jump online! The amount of money that floats around Bunbury each week is getting less and less. It's the same as if people started leaving Bunbury in droves.. but it's not the loss of people, it's the money these people spend in their business area.

A lot of businesses treat a website much like a 'business card' - "Well, I suppose I should have one.."

Your website should be a natural extension of your business.. or even treated as a separate business. I have a question for you.. How much money did your website make for you last week? Your website is a place where you sell your products or services, a place where you make money.. Well it should be!!

PROBLEM: You are not going to be able to stop money from Bunbury going elsewhere, ANSWER: You are going to have to go and poach some customers back! One of our clients, 'Maclyn Grove' sells their products all over Australia.. and you can too! Think about your website the same way you think about your shop, or place of business.. You set up shop, pay rent, pay staff.. all in the hope of getting customers through your door.. A website should be the same but without a lot of the initial or ongoing costs.

Look at some of the major benefits of well designed website / shop-front.
1) You don't need any staff to run a website.
2) You don't pay any rent or outgoings on a website. You may be paying $300 a square metre for your floor space but an unlimited floor space with access to the world awaits you, for just about nothing! In Bunbury, you are limited by a number of factors such as 'foot traffic' The more rent you pay, the more people are supposed to pass by your door.. The same principle applies to a website.. The higher your website gets in the search results, the more people (foot traffic) will see it..
3) Usually, you won't even have to buy any more stock for your website.. You already have it!

Mobile Websites:
The days of Internet business are well and truly upon us.. and whilst we are talking 'PC computers'.. an ever increasing amount of people are surfing the Internet on their mobile phone! Generation Y don't want to wait, they want information about products and services.. and they want it now, regardless of where they are! MOBILE CONSUMER SURVEYS:
The very first surveys of consumer habits (by Sensis & Sweeney) on mobile phone usage has just been completed and the results are truly amazing.

  • Over 91% of Australians have a mobile phone. (23,000,000) and over 68% of them are 'smart phones'
  • By this time next year, around 82% of phones will be 'smart phones'
  • 26% access the Internet / websites on it! (That's around 5,000,000)
  • 41% of them (2,000,000) looked for products and services.
  • 27% of them (1,350,000) downloaded / watched a video.
  • 19% - Nearly a million people made a booking of some sort.
  • 19% - More searches are made on mobile devices now than PC's. Is your website mobile friendly?

Remember, these stats are for people just using their mobiles. This does not include the millions that already access the Internet with their computers! That's a quarter of all Australians that have Internet access on their mobile phones and as data package prices drop like a brick out the proverbial window, they are starting to use it for find what they want!

The Broadband uptake throughout Australia is getting huge! and we are about to get a massive boost as the the Federal Governments NBN 'High speed broadband' rolls out. This will see you being able to download an entire movie in around 5 minutes.. Video conferencing will grow massive.. You will be able to talk in real time with your customers! Will they really need to come into a shop so much, when I can press a button on my screen and.. 'hey, there you are!' I can see the dress as you hold it up for me to look at and ask you questions, just like I was there.. but I'm actually in Adelaide or the Wheat belt. This isn't science fiction.. it's already here, we just lack the higher speeds.. but it's coming..

We already have businesses in Bunbury and outlying areas that are making money from their websites. They have a design and functionality that is created to interact the same way your shop does with clients. Having a quality interactive website design is vital if you are to survive in the coming years.. As I said before, money is already leaving Bunbury to various shops around the world. The world is literally your oyster.. both for the buyer and the seller. There are only so many people you can get pass your front door but online, there is no limit!

"Go to the Website!" is becoming part of our everyday catch cry.. Instead of having to explain or answer questions over and people, people are being encouraged by just about every medium, to 'go online' - The real estate industry is one that is changing fast. Some of the top agencies now sell more properties from their website than any other medium.. Some are located in a back street with no window displays at all, yet they are selling well!

Mobile Websites

Yesterday, it was "botties on seats"
Today, it is "eyeballs on screens"

Our BIG point of difference: We are Marketers, not just Geeks who code websites. We want your online business to work and make money. 25 years of coal face marketing is built into everyone of our designs. Yes, there are a lot of people around that can design a website but not that many that can design it with the intention of getting to the top of the search results and start earning some money. When we finish the design of a website, our 'real' work starts. Over the next 6 months, we work behind the scenes, enabling your website gets found by those looking for your products or services.
We KNOW what people are typing in and adjust your website to suit these search terms. Growing your business through Internet Technology.

Don't just take our word for it. You are welcome to ring any of our past clients and ask them yourselves about what we are like to deal with, the quality of our website designs and the results their websites are getting..

As we say, Yesterday, it was "botties on seats" ~ Today, It's "eyeballs on screens"

MOBILE INTERNET: Whilst mobile internet is a relatively new concept for a lot of us, what may come as a big surprise, is that it is already a hot trend! A lot of fast growth in this rear is expected as smart phones and mobile data rates continue to fall. MANY phone plan comes with a 300 megabyte download a month as standard. The industry is now having to design websites that will load on mobile phones, not just computers! Businesses that ignore the Internet, do so at their own peril! Some of your customers money is being stolen by businesses that are outside Bunbury and it will only get worse as consumers realise that 'shopping unlimited' has arrived!

More and more people are accessing online information using 'Smart phones' PC sales are dropping as Tablets, iPads and Smartphones take their place. Getting a mobile website is now imperative. Mobile users are a patient lot and will put up with a lot of stuff when searching on their mobiles.. One thing they won't put up with is a site that is slow to load. People who are serious about their business, need to look at getting a mobile website up and running..

No doubt, you have a lot of questions about where things are going and we are here to give you answers.. answers not based upon theory but based upon proven results for businesses. Just because you are in Bunbury, doesn't mean you can't do business anywhere. A well designed website that ranks highly in the search results, should be a part of everyone's business strategy.

For effective website design in Bunbury and the South West, give us a ring for an obligation, hassle free chat.

To your success


*Disclaimer: Website rankings are changing daily and whilst no one can guarantee a first or second page result for high ranking search terms. ALL our sites to date have!
Including number 1 spots on Google Australia. One also getting the number 1 ranking spot on Yahoo7. Search engines often change the algorithms that determines website positions in their search results.. and whilst we cannot g'tee a first or second page ranking,
Our results to date, speak for themselves..

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